Why we care about the design of the instrument?

Walking into a clinical molecular diagnostic lab, you will see many boring, gray, ugly shaped machines. It seams nobody is willing to make that little extra effort to design a better looking instrument. The plastic shells are almost always an after thought, simply to cover up the guts.

With iCubate, we paid attention to aesthetic value at the very beginning of the development process. We want the machine to look good, so that the operators will feel good, and in return, they will generate results that make patients feel better.

So, these are our instrument:

DSC_6512The system include a processor (center) and a reader (left) and controlled by an Apple iMac. At the trade shows we went to, many pass by and then stop, asking “what is that nice looking machine?”.DSC_6474When the machine is ready to take samples (cassettes), the green LED lights will be on.DSC_6482If the machine is processing cassettes, the orange color will be on. If there is a problem, red LED will be on (we do not want to see that, but if it happens, we are ready).DSC_6514Both the processor and the reader have easy accessing doors, push and move it out of the way.Cassette_High_ResAnd of course, the cassette, it must be pretty as well as practical.

We want our users to have the best experience using our instrument. We want to see happy people, smiling at work.

It is not a boring job after all!