iCubate 2.0, an open platform for assay developers

iCubate 2.0 is an idea we borrowed from the IT industry where the Web 2.0 business model has already transformed our lives. Here, the “2.0” means “user generated content and an online store”.

So, iCubate 2.0 is an open platform that allow users to develop and market multiplex PCR (mPCR) assays. We call this kind of assay “iC”. An iC is a multiplex PCR assay designed with the PPI algorithm, powered by the arm-PCR technology, and performed on an iCubate platform.

To help users developing powerful mPCR iCs, we have incorporated our assay design knowledge into an software, iC-Architect, and offer it online, free of charge, to registered developers. Sign in now and become an iC developer!

Once an iC is developed and validated, we can help you distribute it worldwide by listing it on our online iC-Store. You get to set the price, and you will be rewarded by 70% of the sale, no additional licensing fee or royalties to pay.

Developers may also go to the iC-Community to learn how to develop iCs share ideas, or make contracts.

Why should you become a mPCR iC developer?

  • You have the best idea of what the market needs. You know why a group of targets should be put together to be co-amplified and co-detected to solve a reallife problem, be it an infectious diseases diagnostic, or an environmental monitoring test.
  • The qPCR could not be multiplexed to provide a differential diagnosis, and arm-PCR allows you co-amplify many targets (10-30 usually, up to 100k when amplifying immune repertoire) in one reaction, from one sample.
  • We made iC development easy by offering free online software.
  • The iCubate instrument does everything automatically (extraction, amplification, and detection) and is very easy to use.
  • iCubate cassettes are closed with pre-loaded reagents, so you do not need to worry about amplicon contaminations. Now you can turn that detection room into your office, and give that amplification room to your assistant.

The iCs you develop can be used by your peers in no time, and you (or your institution) will be rewarded for your innovation.

Join us, be part of the mPCR revolution!