Closed iCubate cassette may give you a new office

Typically, to set up a molecular lab, you need at least three isolated rooms: one for sample prep, one for setting up the PCR reactions, and one for detection. You need these rooms because of the concern about amplicon contamination that leads to false positive results. That concern is warranted, because like earthquakes in California, it is not if, but when it will occur.

With the iCubate cassette, the reagents are preloaded and sealed, so the users do not need to set up the reaction by mixing the primers, enzymes and buffers together. This removed the opportunity to contaminate a reaction. Then, because the cassette is sealed and threw a way after analysis, the source of contamination was removed as well.

So, now, you can use that detection room as your office.

Do not have to tell your boss about it. Let it be a secret.