iCubate Weekly Digest June 17, 2020

iCubate Weekly Digest June 17, 2020

All of us at iCubate encourage you to stay vigilant in the fight against COVID19, especially as there is an increase in cases across the country. These past few months have undoubtedly been difficult and for many, there is a “coronavirus quarantine fatigue”. Please be safe, be mindful of others and look to trusted sources for information and guidance on COVID19. To see how iCubate is expanding the reach of COVID19 testing, click here.


Is this the second wave of COVID-19 in the U.S.? Or are we still in the first?

For several weeks in May, it seemed as though the coronavirus was finally ebbing: National case counts, which rose astronomically earlier in the spring, had leveled off. States had started the process of reopening.

Now, cases are rising again, prompting fears that a second wave has hit the U.S.

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Coronavirus has been 12 times more deadly for people with underlying conditions, CDC says

People with chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes were hospitalized six times more often than otherwise healthy individuals infected with the coronavirus during the first four months of the pandemic, and they died 12 times more often, according to a new report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Testing clinic reports jump in positive rates for coronavirus in Huntsville

A testing clinic in Huntsville is seeing a sudden spike in positive results for COVID-19 that the clinic’s CEO calls “disturbing.”

Thrive Alabama, a local medical nonprofit, has been testing up to 250 people per week in the Huntsville area since March 20. The percent of tests that came back positive hovered around 3% until last week, when positive results in Huntsville jumped to 14%.

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